Astrology for Litigations

There are many questions that come to mind of those suffering from litigation and court cases like will I be able to win the case, will I be on safer side, when should I file my case, which day will be best for filing purposes, when will the case file close, when can I get bail, are there any cases of legal enquiry, when will I be released from jail if convicted and much more. The answer to all these questions can be provided by an astrologer but the knowledge and experience of the astrologer can make the predictions true and astrologer Pankaj Kumar offers the best advices to the people in different legal and court matters helping them to get out of them.


Due to many problems prevailing in society getting into a court case has become common among people. Moreover due to the tensions litigations can cause nobody likes to be involved in them. But we cannot predict anything about future so getting into a litigation due to different locations of the planets involved into horoscope can cause a lot of depression and can make innocent people suffer a lot. Even some people suffer a lot due to these court cases which involves monetary loses too.

Astrologer Pankaj Kumar provides the guaranted solution to all kinds of the litigations that have occured to you due to planetary positions in your horoscope. The houses that are related to litigation and. court cases are 6th, 8th, 12th and these houses cause a lot of problems. Due to these planetary positions sometimes the conditions become so worse that the person has to go to jail. The tensions/ worries caused by these court cases are generally due to affliction of Sun (Soul) and Moon (mind).  

Generally the sufferers of these cases have some hidden enemies in their horoscopes which causes such problematic conditions. Moreover these planetary positions along with the court cases also cause some serious health issues during that period only. Due to these weak planetary positions sometimes the sufferers do not find themselves in a condition to fight back which further worsens the conditions. All this is caused by the vipreet raja yoga. We analyse all the yogas and provide you the best kind of remedy possible and provide the forecast about the future conditions due to these cases and about how long these cases can go. 

Astrologer Pankaj Kumar has been helping people in the court cases and litigations from years and is providing the most effective solutions with a guarantee. With proper knowledge about the planets and yogas Pankaj Kumar has helped thousands of people in legal matters at affordable rates.  The effective remedies available with us can help you to get out of all these legal matters. We help you with differ mantras, by performing puja, and recommending gemstones too.


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