Lal Kitab Article

This rare book on Astrology was written by the renowned astrologer, Rup Lal, in the late nineteenth century and was published from Lahore in pre-partitioned India. These are the opening lines of this great book. This inter alia means that disease is curable by adopting the remedies suggested in this book, but there is no remedy against death; hence, the great astrologer does not claim to be God. By adopting the affordable remedies suggested in this great book, one can lead a better and healthier life. It is a ready reckoner in which all the problems and their solutions are presented and effectively solved.

Without medicines, diseases are curable,

But death is inevitable;

It is just the worldly accounts,

We do not claim Godhood

The main thing is to do all remedies in the presence of Lal Kitab Astrologer because they know which one remedy will be beneficial at which time otherwise wrong remedy can do reverse effect on you.

S. No. Name of Planet Divine Authority Gender Colour Remedy for children & other reasons Remedies
1 Jupiter Lord Brahma Male Yellow Vishnu worship Daal chana (yellow lentil), saffron, gold
2 Sun Lord Vishnu Male Wheatish Vishnu Puran Wheat, red copper, jaggery
3 Moon Lord Shiva Female Milky White Shiva Worship Rice, silver, milk, milky- white pearl
4 Venus Goddess Laxmi Female Curd Like Selfless service of people Ghee, curd, camphor curd- like pearl, sand, white butter
5 Mars Hanuman Male Red Hot Gayatri paath Masur daal (red lentil), red things, red coral
6 Mercury Goddess Durga Effeminate (Vegetarian) Green Durga paath Moong (green lentil), emerald
7 Saturn Bhairon Effeminate (Minerals) Black Respect for elders Urad (black lentil), iron, leather goods, timber, coal
8 Rahu Goddess Saraswati Node (Dragon's head) Blue Worship of virgins Mustard (sarson), sapphire (neelam), gomed (hessonite)
9 Ketu Lord Ganesha Node (Dragon's tail) Black & White Donate black & white cow Til (sesame), black & white blanket, cat's eye (Lahsunya). Banana