Vastu Services

Vastu Shastra is basically the science of direction that combines the five elements of nature, balances them with man and material and creates a conducive atmosphere in a structure which tries to bring in the best in one’s self. This helps in attaining good health, happiness and prosperity in an enlightened and peaceful environment.

Acharya Pankaj Kumar as Vastu Consultants, will help you understand this, and guide you to make your home or work place Vastu compliant, but yet is modern and aesthetic according to your individual taste and lifestyle. You can show your interiors and plans to us through online or recorded videos, and we will suggest modifications which are based on Scientific Vastu studies, and help you design your homes or work spaces in the most scientific and logical way based on Vastu practices. We can give you Vastu related inputs and tips for Residential buildings, apartments, commercial complexes, which can avoid construction blunders, and help you follow Vastu compliant architecture for a prosperous and healthy life.

  • Vastu of Home
  • Vastu of Office
  • Vaatu of Industeries
  • Vastu of Shop
  • Vastu of Hospital
  • Vastu of Bank
  • Vastu of School
  • Vastu of Restaurents

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