Astrology for Shubh Muhurat


Muhurats are the auspicious times which are considered to be the best for carrying out any task that are really important in your life. It is believed that the natural energies actually have their own times fixed for carrying out any task and when a task is done at that time it brings the best results possible leading to overall success in the task performed. According to the Hindu astrology this time which is best for performing a task is named as Shubh muhurat.

Astrologer Pankaj Kumar has been helping millions of people in determining these auspicious timings for doing any work. After doing calculations and lot of studies about the planetary positions and the movement of the celestial bodies, we determine the shubh muhurats for any task. We help you to determine the muhurats for Pujas, wedding ceremonies, yajnas etc. Most of the people these days want their tasks to be started and completed in the best time that is supported by the nature as well as by the celestial bodies and it is when people come to visit us for recommendations. Muhurat’s actually hold a great importance, there can be different things happening due to the incorrect timing and many different things can change as well. In order to preserve these happenings and to bring the auspiciousness, harmony as well as the positivity during any event correct muhurats is really important. We help the people in finding the correct muhurat for marriages, travelling, purchasing property, going abroad, purchasing vehicle, griha pravesha, name ceremony functions, starting a business and much more.

If the important events are carried out at the Shubh Mahurats only then it can bring a lot of difference in the rest of life. Pankaj Kumar provides the consultation to the people about muhurat for important event or work which results in the accomplishment of the work in the best time without any kind of obstacles and brings the positive results as well. Some events such as marriages are symbols of the life and requires thorough consideration of the different facts while calculating the muhurats and that is what we provide and specialize in.

We provide the Subh muhurat after the determination of Panchang which includes the current dates, other important dates, position of the planets in a person’s horoscope, and much more. After the determination of the Lagna and position of the different planets we provide the best recommendations and the timings for carrying out a task. So, stop worrying about the fact whether it is the right time to start this task or not and come to us we assure you that our calculations will help you to get your work done at the right time.

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