Corporate Vastu

‘Corporate Vastu’ aims at creating an atmosphere which is Productive, healthy, positive, and peaceful. It aids in bringing all-around success for the Company/Organization and the employees. The analysis for ‘Corporate Vastu’ easily done in such a way, that there should not be any major demolition or changes of the existing structure. The ‘Vastu corrections’ will be correct in the form of remedies, like correcting placements, a harmony of colours, and other such kinds of measures. Wherever needed, ‘Vastu Pyramids’ is also used to correct the Vastu defects.

We are providing the following:-

  • Logo Design Vastu
  • Main Entrance of the site
  • Location of the Master Cabin, CEO and a key staff
  • Colours of Interiors and Exteriors.
Astrologer Pankaj Kumar has mastered the art of Business Office Vastu and Corporate Vastu. He is a renowned Vastu Consultant in Delhi. It is ancient science which helps in creating and maintaining positive energy at our office or workplace. Astrologer Pankaj Kumar can also help in fixing Vastu for company logo as well.