We are providing the following Courses:-

We are providing the following Courses:-

Basic Astrology Course

1. The Horoscope – The Ascendant, Forms of Horoscopes, Signs, Planets, Nakshatras or Constellations, Sub Lord, Exercise.
2. Hindu Dasa System – Vimshottari Dasa, Mahadasa, Antar Dasa, Pratyantar Dasa, calculation of Dasa,Examples, Exercise.
3. Planets – Twelve Planets considered in Astrology, Planets as Significators, Lordship of the Planets, Aspects, Natural Malefic, Natural Benefic, Separative Planets, Natural Strength, Friendship and Enemity, Conjunctions, Avasthas of Planets Exercise.
4. Signs – Twelve Signs of Zodiac, Classification of Signs, Fiery Signs Earthy Signs Airy Signs Watery Signs Movable Fixed Dual signs, Sex, Odd and Even, limbs of a Native, Tempraments, Varn, Watery Signs, Directions, Diurnal and Nocturnal Signs, Biped, Quadruped, Prishtodaya Signs Shirshodaya Signs Ubhayodaya Sign, Exercise.
5. Houses – Twelve Houses, Significator of Houses, Marak Houses, Badhak Houses, Quadrant, Trine,, Penphara, Cadent, Upachaya Houses, Relationship between Houses, Exercise.

Predictive Astrology Course

Promise – Promise of every event, How to see and use, ie Promise of marriage, Promise of child birth, promise of Job, Promise of Business

Advance Predictive Astrology Course

1. Rules of “Astrology” – Ayanamsa, Nirayana Bahava Chalit, Casting Nirayana Bahav Chalit, Dasa, Sub lord, Aspects & Conjunctions, Position & Lordship of Planets, How to Judge a Planet, Strength of Planet, Cusps, Results of Planets, Timing of an Event, Transits of Planets, Negation of an event.
2. Education – Houses, Planets, Combination, No Education, No inclination for Education, Foreign Education, Scholarships, Success in Competition Exams & Interviews, Field of Education, Prizes or Awards, General, Illustrations.
3. Litigation – Houses, Planets, Combinations & Timing, Imprisonment, Causes of imprisonment, Political confinement, Going underground, House arrest, Kidnapping, Winning in litigation, Illustrations.
4. Property & Vehicle-Purchase of property, Houses, Planets, Combination & Timing of purchase of property, Transits, Purchase through Loan, Purchase in Installments, Location & Status of property, Commercial property, Construction of property, Rental income, Loss of property, Partition of property, Sale of property, Transits, Change of residence.
5. Purchase of vehicles – Houses, Facilitator House, Planet, Combination & Timing of purchase of vehicles, Transits, Purchase through loan, Gift of vehicle, Colour of vehicle, Luxury vehicle, Condition of vehicle, Commercial vehicle, Theft of vehicle, Non repayment of loan & Loss of vehicle, Maintenance of vehicle, Sale of Vehicle, Transits, Illustrations.
6. Health – House & Body parts, Planets, Houses, Combinations, Timing of disease, Transits, Type of diseases, Accidents & Accidental deaths, Transits, Illustrations.
7. Travel – Houses, Combinations, Timing , Condition & place of Visit, Transits, Settling Abroad, Going in the orbit, Space & to other planets, Coming back to the Motherland, Combination & Timing of return, Purpose of Travel, Going to Pilgrimage, General, Illustrations.
8. Career & Financial Prospects – Combinations, Houses, Planets, Transits, No job or obstacles in career, Houses, Combinations & Timing, Transits, Interviews & written tests, Change in job/business, Houses, Planets, Combination & Timing the change of job, Transits, Nature of next job/business & vice versa, Break in career, Suspension, Promotions, Transfer, Type of Career, Illustrations.
9. Marriage – Houses, Combination & Timing of Marriage, Transit, Planet, Love affairs & Sexual relationships, Combinations, Special combinations, Nature of planets, Rape, Prostitution, Choice Marriage, Love Marriage & premarital affair, Marriage in known circle, Dowry, Divorce, Houses, Planets, Combinations & Timing of divorce, Transits, Special combinations, Marriage proposals & breaking of engagements, Manglik dosha, Streedhan, General, Horoscope matching, No marriage, Keeping a Mistress, Illustrations.
10. Children – Houses, Planet, Combinations, Timing the birth of child, Transits, No child, Number of Children, Pregnancy periods & Miscarriages, Abortion, Special cases, Still birth, Gand mool Nakshatras, Sex of the child, Adoption, Custody, Birth of Twins Illustrations.
11. Corporate Astrology – Combinations, Illustrations.
Longevity – Houses, Badhak Houses, Marak Houses, Planet, Transits, Calculation of Longevity, Combinations & Timing the death, Death at the time of Marriage, Accidental Death, Death in foreign land, Death after disease or during surgery, Illustration.

12. Muhurat
13. Remedial Measures
14. Twin Births – Illustrations

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