Questions related to Property Problem

You can ask questions from Famous Astrologer in Delhi NCR Astrologer
Pankaj Kumar as per written below or as per your problems.
(1) When will i purchase the property?
(2) When will i get the possession of property?
(3) Will i be able to clear off my property loan?
(4) Will i be able to borrow?
(5) At present time if i buy a property , is it good or lucky for me.
(6) Can i get rental income from my property and is it good for me?
(7) When will i construct the house?
(8) When will i sell the property?
(9) Will i sell my property at higher market price or lower market price?
(10) For solving any problem in my horoscope regarding Property, which gems i can wear?
(11) If i am having any dosh in my horoscope regarding Property than what are the remedies to remove the dosh?