Feng-Shui Articles

Now Feng-Shui is becoming more popular all over the world due to its effective results. Feng-Shui Articles. Feng Shui’s simple translation is “Wind and Water” our existence depends on two sources of energy. First is nutriting energy from mother earth in form of food, second is cosmic energy from space in form of oxygen and sunrays. Live force in the earth or a body is circulated by water and subtle, energy circulation in the space is governed by the wind. So Feng-Shui Wind and Water is an essential element in nature and in our life.

Thousands of people have gained extremely beneficial result just by a small change. You also can have it simple re-arrangement of desk, furniture, change in color and shape or placement of symbolic objects. The Fundamental principle is when you are willing to change the outside, inner change has already started occurring. Our inner momentum reshapes our destiny and values of life.


  • “Feng–Shui the way to health, wealth and happiness, at home and at work”“Man – Ho – Kwok”
  • “Feng – Shui is an ancient, powerful way to make more money, gain better health and attract more love into your life.”
    “Mark Douglas Marfori”
  • “Feng – Shui Principles can be implemented at little cost in both new and existing building, often with significant improvements to the physical and financial well- being of the people who live in them.”
    “George Birdsall”
  • “Feng – Shui is the ancient Chinese art of luck management.”
    “Richard Craze”
  • “Good Feng – Shui allows cosmic energy or chi to flow freely, creating a harmonious environment and improving the health, love life, peace, even prosperity of those who live or work there.”
    “Angel Thompson”
  • “The goal of Feng – Shui is complete harmony with the natural order which, when achieved, will bring prosperity, health, and happiness”
    “Sarah Rossbach”