Numerology Articles

Basically, numerology assigns a single-digit numerical value to value to every letter, month, day, year, etc. and then uses these numbers to predict and analyse. For instance, all the letter in your name can be translated into numbers, then added and reduced to a single-digit number that reveals your true self.

Meanings of Numbers

In Numerology, each of the numbers one through nine has an inherent meaning that is found within its vibration. The meaning of each of the numbers is the basis of Numerology analysis. Before we learn how to calculate our personal numbers, let’s take a closer look at what each number symbolizes or represents.

The Number One

People with the number one in their charts are Creative, Energetic, Independent, and Intuitive.
Two represents synergy and diplomacy. Not interested in becoming great leaders, people with the number two in their charts are content to work behind the scenes supporting and loving.
The Number Of Three
Happy-go-lucky and full of life, people with a number three in their charts are the consummate “Life of the party” Lucky creative, and very extrovert number threes love the finer things in life, spending money as quickly as they receive it.
The Number Of Four
A hard worker with a practical mind geared toward the future, a person with number four as the total of his name, alphabets or date of birth is the purest “head of the family” who looks after those he/she cares about.
The Number Of Five
People with the number five or (14, 23) as their name or birth number (D.O.B) value freedom above all else, often times rebelling against the status quo, going where no one has dared go before, and refusing to allow others to dictate any control over them. Number fives often have trouble with commitment and can be talented at many things but specialised in none. Because of this lack of commitment, people with the number five can begin to feel overwhelmed, having started many projects but finishing none.
The Number Of Six
The number Six represents the home, family, love, beauty and romance. People with the number six are very loving, kind, and gentle. They are affectionate and tender and are natural born parents And yet, since most of their decisions come from their heart it may be impossible to reach these soul creatures with reason.
The Number Of Seven
Mystical, deep, analytical, wise and intuitive, people with the number seven in their chart are the quintessential loners who seemingly abandon society in exchange for their own personal quests of knowledge and wisdom. But the number seven has many gifts and talents to share with the world and often makes a wonderful teacher.
The Number Of Eight
The number of Eight is one of the most powerful numbers in numerology. People with the number eight in their in numerology. People with the number eight in their charts are born for achievement, success and leadership. They love money and grandeur and may stop at nothing to achieve their desired success. These people are best bankers, criminal lawyers or financial controllers and normally prefer to study B.Com, C.A, Law or Automobile / Mechanical Engineering.
The Number Of Nine
It represents humanitarianism, compassion, tolerance and both spiritual and material success. They are blessed with more charm and compassion they can become too idealistic, forcing their beliefs onto others and / or becoming prejudiced against those who do not follow the path they themselves have chosen.