Pyra Vastu Articles

Pyra Vastu is basically vastu through pyramids. Pyramidal shape is made from a square base and a pointed apex. This shape is used innumerably in shape energetic. Indian temples are unique examples of the combination of both ‘energy shapes’. Many researchers have put great efforts to find out the secret energetic of Pyramid, many hypothesis and theories have come out of this work. From all this, one thing is sure that the Pyramids is the shape-instrument that resonates with the cosmic energy coming from sun and outer space, to the earth. Man is a the smaller version of universe. As per the sacred geometry the space inside the Pyramids is the whole universe in itself. Perfect miniature universe of Pyramid can bring balance and harmony in particle, cell or matter.
Pyra + mid
Fire is known as ‘Agni’, in Sanskrit language, the deeper meaning of fire in relation to life force, body or a cell is initiation or firing, triggering or motivation activity at genetic code at the centre of our floppy disk. Pyramid is divided in to two part- ‘PYRA’ and ‘MID’, ‘PYRA’ means fire, indicator at the centre core or nuclei.
‘MID’ means in the middle. Though only very little is known about Pyramid is a scientifically designed instrument with the holistic approach.